About Us

About Our Cattery

Boska Cornish Rex is run by me, Lisa Marie Kuta, and my family. Our cattery is very, very small–about one litter per year. We do this so we can focus intensely on raising healthy, happy, beautiful kittens. We are very committed to rescue, and I’m one of the founders of Cornish Rex Friends.

When people come to me to purchase a cat, I strive to make the best matches based on personality and lifestyle. When I got my first Cornish Rex, the breeder got to know me and selected the perfect cat for me, Nerissa. Because the breeder took such care and picked a great match, Nerissa was very special to me. She lived a long (17 1/2 years), happy, much-loved life.  I aim to do the same for my pet buyers.

If I don’t have the right cat for you, I’ll happily refer you to another ethical breeder that may.

Where does the name “Boska” come from?

With a much older brother and sister, I learned to express myself at an early age. This earned me the nickname “Boska” from my Polish grandmother. When people asked me my name, I’d reply “Lisa Marie Boska Kuta”. I was proud of my name but my parents and grandparents would always laugh.

When I was a little older I asked my grandma why she laughed at my name. She gently told me that “Boska” meant “boss lady”, like the kind that worked at Woolworth’s. As I grew up I embraced my nickname and my grandma laughed about it well into my adulthood. She was a boska herself all the way through her nineties.

Location and Other Details

We are located in Los Angeles and frequently attend CFA cat shows in Southern and Northern California. We are open to shipping to the perfect home, but only after an extensive get-to-know-you process.